Monday, August 1, 2011

my aunt's vanity mirror :)

hello everyone,
i know its been so long since ive posted anything i just havent had anything interesting to say or show until now. saturday my bf and i went to my grandmas house so he could install my aunts new vanity mirror and yes girls he made this one too. i fell in love with it and so did my aunt. he added a light switch so she can turn it off and on and he also added plug ins so she could plug in her hair straightner. i think he did an amazing job. dont yall think so? also it was my little cousins bday this weekend. all in all it was a great weekend. and im so happy because i get to see my baby sis and parents today, they were in mexico for almost a month. so yeah leave me a comment and thank you for following. :) have a great rest of the day! :)

if you live in the houston area and would be interested in a vanity mirror, please dont hesitate to email me at